The Natural State of Trails

The state of Arkansas has held two monikers in the past few years, “The Land of Opportunity,” and “The Natural State.” While both are true, they could never do justice to the beauty in Northwest Arkansas. Whether it’s watching the leaves change colors on a drive up the old “Pig Trail” or catching a sunrise […]

‘Tis the Season in NWA

Some cities shut down during the winter. Whether it’s the brutal weather or the lack of tourists, some areas do not have a lot to offer in December. That is not the case for Northwest Arkansas. While the air might have a chill to it and the leaves may have turned and fallen, NWA is […]

The Grapes of Arkansas: the best wineries are not all in California

Winemaking in Arkansas dates back to the 1870s when the first French Catholic settlers made their way to Altus, Arkansas. Upon arriving in the state of Arkansas German and Swiss settlers quickly found the climate favorable to growing grapes. Many families have remained in Arkansas and have become sixth and seventh generation winemakers. The four […]

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