The Natural State of Trails

The state of Arkansas has held two monikers in the past few years, “The Land of Opportunity,” and “The Natural State.” While both are true, they could never do justice to the beauty in Northwest Arkansas. Whether it’s watching the leaves change colors on a drive up the old “Pig Trail” or catching a sunrise at Hawksbill Crag, the beauty of Arkansas is all around us. When you live somewhere and spend your days working, shuffling kids to events, and sitting in 5:00 traffic, sometimes you forget what treasures surround you. That’s where Divergent Experience comes in. It is certainly not hard to find outdoor experiences right at your backdoor in Northwest Arkansas, but sometimes you need an extra hand to create an experience you’ll never forget right here at home. Fall and Winter are perfect hiking times in Arkansas, an advantage we share over other states that get harsher weather. In the summer in Arkansas some of our greatest waterfalls are not visible due to lack of water, unlike in the Spring and Fall when the water is bustling, and the views are incredible.

Cabin-fever sets in during the darker months, but hiking one of the incredible trails in Northwest Arkansas can help you defeat the wintertime blues. Don’t miss the chance to take in Arkansas’ beauty just because there’s a chill in the air.

Are There Rock Formations in Arkansas?

Look no further than the Yellow Rock Trail located in Devil’s Den State Park outside of West Fork, Arkansas. The Yellow Rock Trail provided an elevated view of the Lee Creek Valley, some 300 feet above. The panoramic views of the Valley provided by this trail, also include some incredible rock formations that you wouldn’t expect to find here. Speaking of rock formations, perhaps your adventure awaits you near Sand Gap, Arkansas, on the Pedestal Rocks Loop. Named for its stunning rock formations, nestled beneath the bluffs that feed into numerous walk-through cages. And finally, don’t miss the War Eagle Trail. While many think of War Eagle as the site of the large, annual arts and crafts festival near Huntsville, Arkansas, you will also find the Withrow Springs State Park. In the middle of this area of the Ozark Forest you will find the War Eagle Trail named for the scenic river that runs the length of the trail. From the nearly 200-foot bluffs you will catch a glimpse of more rock formations that will complete your experience.

What About Trails Along the Water?

Arkansas is not lacking for water features throughout the beautiful Northwest Arkansas region. Accessible year round in Rogers, Arkansas, is the family friendly Lake Atlanta Trail. With beautiful forest like settings, the Lake Atlanta Trail is a great option for families. Are you craving visually stimulating experiences? Look no further than Blowing Springs Park in Bella Vista, Arkansas. Waterfalls, caves, springs, overlook…Blowing Springs has it all. While on the Blowing Springs Trail don’t miss the 30-foot bridge creating a rock shelf that leads to an air-conditioned cave. That’s right, right here in Northwest Arkansas. Another Bella Vista family friendly trail is the Tanyard Creek Trail. With multiple access points to the creek and views of waterfalls there is no shortage of stunning views from this trail. South of Bella Vista at Lake Fayetteville you will find one of NWA’s most popular trails sitting in the beautiful natural setting near the Springdale/Fayetteville border. Located back in Devil’s Den State Park you will find the Fossil Flats Trailhead. Named for the beautiful flat exposed rock in the creek beds, this trail will give you breathtaking views and the potential to find fossils or signs of early settlers.

Can We Hike and Bike?

You bet! Northwest Arkansas’ Razorback Greenway runs the distance of the area and provides impeccable views and experiences throughout the region. Mt. Kessler Loop is in southwest Fayetteville located around Kessler Mountain. Easily accessible by bike from the Greenway, Mt. Kessler Loop is almost 2000 feet above sea level filled with forest area and beautiful views. North of Fayetteville, back in Bentonville you will find the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. Coler offers something for every skill level of hiker and biker, along with a café and beer garden halfway through the trail system.

Where’s The Best View?

With so many trails, parks, mountains, and bodies of water it is impossible to say which is best. There’s something for everyone in Northwest Arkansas. Whether it’s a proposal on the tip of Whittaker’s Point known as Hawksbill Crag, a family hike overlooking the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art on the Slaughter Pen Trail, or an undisturbed trail through the wilderness without leaving the city on the Mt. Sequoyah Woods Trail.

Divergent Experience has a team of skilled guides and experienced hikers to help curate your picture-perfect adventure through the trails of Northwest Arkansas. Interested in photographing nature? We’ve got guides for that as well. Cyclist fans will be well taken care of with our team of expert riders as well. Contact us today to curate your next great adventure on the trails of Northwest Arkansas.  Also, make sure and check out our calendar for hikes we already have on the books. We’d love to have you join us!

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